Company Background

  • Founded

  • In May 2005, Jonathan Nadal founded Omegabyte Studios, a software development company specializing in enterprise Geographic Information Systems, Workflow Management Systems, and high-performance server infrastructure development.

    May 2005
  • Subcontractor, Evidence Based Research

  • Omegabyte Studios worked with Evidence Based Research, Inc., to develop a sofware simulation as part of Northrop Grumman’s Emergency Preparedness Federation (EMPRED FED) system, and the work led to the publication of the following paper.

    Noell, Heather Warren and Nadal, Jonathan (2008, February 15). Design Document for Emergency Response Command, Coordination, and Management Relationships Model, Phase II. (Final Report: In Accordance with Emergency Response Command, Coordination, and Management Relationships Model – Phase II Contract, Contract Number GVDEPEBR1206). Suffolk, VA: Emergency Management Training, Analysis, and Simulation Center (EMTASC).

  • Subcontractor, Michael Baker Corporation

  • As a subcontractor of Michael Baker Corporation, Omegabyte Studios was a team member for a project to develop version 2.0 of an enterprise sytem used by Fort Lee's Department of Public Works to track engineering projects.

  • Prime Contractor, US Army Corps of Engineers

  • Omegabyte Studios has completed over a dozen projects developing and updating a variety of information systems for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District. One such information system, the Electronic Survey Distribution System (ESDS), is available to the public and has become a model for similar survey distribution systems at other districts of the US Army Corps of Engineers.

  • Prime Contractor, Alessi Games

  • Omegabyte Studios developed the back-end server infrastructure for the iPhone and iPad game Friendly Fire. This infrastructure includes web services written using the node.js environment and a set of replicated MongoDB servers. It is deployed across nine virtualized Linux servers using Amazon's EC2 cloud, Route53 DNS, and Elastic Block Storage.


Owner Information

Jonathan J Nadal, Owner

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Education, Certifications, and Security Clearances

  • CompTIA A+ CE Certification

  • 2010
  • DoD Secret Information Clearance

  • 2011
  • Pursuing (ISC)2 CISSP Certification (est. April 2012)

  • 2012

Personal Activities and Interests

  • Princess Anne Terrace Condominium Association, Inc.

  • Vice President
  • 2010-2012
  • Shouldly

  • Open Source Project Contributor
  • Jonathan Nadal has contributed to the open source Shouldly .NET assertion library.

  • Alpha Phi Omega

  • National Service Fraternity
  • 2008-2012
  • Stack Overflow

  • Contributor
  • Jonathan Nadal has contributed several answers to Stack Overflow, a software development Q&A site.

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